A4 Size297 x 210 mm

£ 5.50


A3 Size420 x 297 mm

£ 10.99


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Great for full length mirrors, dressing table mirrors or as a make-up mirror. Great on the back of wardrobe doors and in childrens bedrooms and playrooms.


Anti-shatter perspex mirrors are a safer alternative to glass in the bathroom. Great for splash-backs or on cabinet doors. Our tiles also resist misting better than glass and don’t rust.

Interior Styling

Light weight mirrors can be used for all kinds of interior and exterior design and decoration. Mirrors can make a room appear bigger and also bounce more light around.

Horse Boxes

Proven to reduce stress when used in horse boxes to simulate companionship. Ideal for horse stables, arenas and tack rooms. Safer, lighter and stronger than glass.


Great for gyms and a much safer alternative to glass. Multiple mirror tiles can be configured to cover large wall areas and are also great for ballet and dance studios.

Kinky Ceiling Mirrors!

Have you ever tried making love with mirrors on the ceiling. Our mirror tiles are lightweight and easy to put up and take down. Add another dimension to your bedroom!